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High speed ADSL offers always-on connection which you can use to get quick internet access and fast downloads. If your service provider offers you a fixed IP address - as with ENTAnet - you can use it to provide a virtual private network between sites or for home / remote users to have access to office files and facilities from any internet browser. It's also useful for remote support.

There is now a wide range of broadband products on the market. What is available to you depends on what BT exchange you are connected to, whether the exchange has been upgraded to 21CN or fibre, what ISPs have equipment installed at the exchange and what services they offer. But whatever offerings are presented in the marketing brochures the actual product, speed and performance depend on your distance from the exchange and quality of lines and the wiring & equipment at your site.

BT have been rolling out its 21CN network since 2008 and nearly all locations can now benefit from reasonably fast speeds and improved service levels using ADSL2 or ADSL2+ technology.

Fibre broadband can provide significantly faster speeds because it uses fibre from the core network to the street cabinets and then copper from the cabinet to your premises. Fibre broadband services are available in a choice of Business packages with priority during the working week and inclusive monthly allowances of between 15GB and 360GB; and Family packages with allowances ranging from 30GB to 180GB. Business packages monthly allowance is only used between the hours of 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday whilst our Family packages allowance is used between the hours of 8am and midnight, Monday to Friday. Usage outside of these times is uncharged.

Fibre is not yet available everywhere and is mostly available in city and town centres.

Service available depends on location so give us a call or email to discuss the best options for your business.

ENTAnet broadband from Realcom offers

  • Business-oriented service provider established for 10+ years
  • Premium (business) products available with lower contention ratio, better service levels and higher up-stream speeds.
  • 24/7 support from ENTAnet plus office hours support from Realcom
  • Fixed IP address
  • As many email addresses as you require
  • Web mail
  • Home-workers accounts billed to your business
  • On-line monitoring of bandwidth use
  • Realcom can install and set-up your router to connect your office or home network - with wireless if appropriate

If you need one-to-one contention, e.g. to support inter-branch VPN or VOIP, contact us regarding leased-line or bonded ADSL internet connections.

We can also provide website and email hosting packages.

Call or email Realcom to discuss the best deal for your business.

Realcom is an ENTAnet reseller for ADSL & fibre broadband, leased lines and VOIP.
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