Desk-top contacts and call manager for
Asterisk IP-PBX

Company-wide Contact Manager and Call Logger that runs on desk-top PCs


The PC desk-top interface for the Asterisk IP-PBX provides an 'At-a-glance' view of the status of the telephone extensions in the office. It clearly shows if an extension is 'In-use' , 'Ringing' or 'Idle' and displays other useful information such as call start time and telephone number; this allows the user to more efficiently handle incoming calls, i.e. after taking a new call which needs to be transferred the user can see if the destination extension is already busy.

There are 2 other main aspects of the interface 'Call Log' display and 'Contact Management'. Call log display shows call information which can be sorted and filtered in any way the user desires; typically it will display the last 15 or so calls in reverse order showing information such as 'Date and Time', telephone number, contact name & company and duration. Contact management is a fairly simple contacts database that allows the user to create records for Contacts and Companies to store their associated telephone numbers. These details are used by the Call Log display to make the list more meaningful and useful; for example the Call Log could be filtered to only display calls from or to a particular contact or company. The contact information may also be used by the Asterisk system for 'Caller ID' lookup purposes.

Other features of the interface include 'On-screen' dialling, system control and report generation. On-screen dialling allows the user to dial a telephone number directly from the Call Log display or a Contact record. System control allows the user to switch on/off diverts or change Day/Night time controls. Report generation allows the user to download a copy of the call log using several built in queries.


Contacts database
Desk-top call management & log screen

Main screen showing recent call log, on-screen dial, status, etc. Click screenshot for a large image.

  1. Share contacts and associated notes across company
  2. Company and individual contact levels
  3. Can add details to a phone call
  4. Shows all numbers without contact details.
  5. Shows all contacts for a company
  6. Contacts assigned to group / category
  7. Quick list by company or contact
  8. Notes field for contact
  9. Can provide Shared Contacts to Thunderbird  email agent

On-screen dialling options

  1. Call from contacts record (double-click)
  2. Enter number on keyboard or on dial-pad
  3. Call from call log or filtered selection
  4. Select outgoing trunk (e.g. IP or PSTN)
  5. Dial on the associated phone handset
  6. Can see which extensions are busy on what calls


Call Log

  1. Lists all company calls – to/from company, group, individual contact
  2. One click filter to see all calls to/from a particular number or contact name
  3. Comprehensive search: calls can be viewed and filtered in various ways e.g. all calls to/from a particular number, within certain date / time range etc.
  4. Details of call time, call duration, internal transfers, who answered,  etc
  5. Notes can be added to individual calls, during and/or after call and can be targeted at a particular extension, if required.
  6. Recently dialled numbers list


  1. Each user can choose the fields and columns shown and save preferences
  2. Populate contacts database from Outlook or Thunderbird contacts
  3. Choice of db platform (MySQL, Postgres)
  4. Several reporting options, each of which can be on-screen and/or exported
  5. Simple 'barring' of nuisance callers etc
  6. Easy access to global and individual voicemail
  7. Simple definition of Day Service / Night Service schedules
  8. Simple call forwarding to other PBX or mobile number

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Asterisk IP-PBX call and contacts manager

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