Data back-up and recovery service

Your most important business tool is your IT system and your most important resource is your data – documents, emails, accounts, customer databases, production plans, project details – without which you cannot do business.

There are many scenarios where you need to recover data:

  1. You've accidentally overwritten a document.
  2. Your hard drive fails. You have replaced it (from the manufacturer under warranty, IT support co. etc.) and need to repopulate it with data as at the time of failure.
  3. Your system is compromised by virus or malware (shouldn't happen if you have anti-virus and anti-malware installed and up to date).
  4. Your computer system is completely destroyed by fire/flood etc or is stolen.
  5. You need to access data "as at" – e.g. as at last month end, as at last year end etc.
  6. Other unpredictable situations.

Typically companies do daily, weekly and monthly back-ups to tape. Tape used to be much cheaper than hard disks and easier to store. It also has the advantage of being separate from the main system and therefore less likely to be affected by system wide issues and has as much capacity as you have purchased tapes.

However, there are down-sides to a tape back-up:

  • It needs someone to do the back-up – put the correct tape in the drive each evening and remove it the next day.
  • The capacity of a single tape is critical or you will get back up failures when the tape is full. (Otherwise an expensive auto-changer or an available staff member is needed to swap tapes). This situation can creep up gradually as document volumes and emails increase over time or occur suddenly when large files are acquired (e.g. photos, videos).
  • Someone has to take tapes off-site to a safe storage place.
  • The correct tape must be located when a file needs restoring.
  • You can't easily check a tape to see that it hasn't got damaged or has deteriorated or that the copy was correct initially.
  • Tape drives and cartridges are expensive

To restore a complete system from tape you need a tape drive of similar type to the one that was destroyed/ stolen (not always easy to obtain if your system was a few years old)

Using removable hard drives still requires someone to handle the drives, keep them in correct sequence and take them off-site to store.

Remote back-up solutions

As an alternative to in-house tape system, or for additional security, Realcom offer remote back-up solutions. We offer a "Data back-up service" – probably the solution most appropriate to small businesses - and a "Complete System back-up service".

Data Back-up service:

Our Data Back-up service provides for the collection of data from one or more nominated folders and from email systems etc located on your server or shared storage device

This involves taking regular "snap-shots" of your data – e.g. at 8.30 pm each evening - uploading them to Realcom servers via the ADSL or SDSL broadband. The data would be encrypted and stored securely on our servers. If you need to restore single files they can be downloaded to your system over the internet. In the event of complete failure of your system or a catastrophe such as your "server" being destroyed by fire or stolen we could deliver the complete set of files on a removable hard drive ready for installing onto a replacement server.

This would relieve you of the necessity for doing back-ups manually and provide secure off-site storage for your data.

Depending on your business, you will have different requirements for back-up. We will keep several back-ups rather than over-writing each day. We will discuss this with you to create a back-up management programme that will suit your business and budget. The factors that will need to be determined are frequency and reach – namely how many copies of the dataset do you need and how far back in time do you need to be able to revert to/restore from.

For each backup, you will receive a report on the detail status, volumes and files included. You will also have access to a list of what back-ups are still being stored at Realcom.

We will securely store your data and make it available to you as needed, either as one or more single files electronically, or as a removable hard drive or other storage device containing a complete backup set of your data.

You would need a reasonable broadband service – ADSL2+ or Business Max service.
We can handle data from Microsoft and Linux systems. Please contact us for remote back-up of Exchange systems.


Costs for the back-up and storage service are based on the total amount of data to be backed up, the volume of data transferred and the number of copies kept and start from 25 plus VAT per month.

You will be able to request up to 5 single file restore requests per month within this price (or more if you have an IT support contract with Realcom). Additional requests can be purschased in blocks of 5. Realcom will restore your file to the location of your choice.

If you need a complete restore – in the event of complete failure or loss of your system – we will charge you for loading the data onto a removable hard drive or other storage device, the cost of the storage media and delivering it to your site.

Call or email for further details or for a quote for back-up and recovery service for your business.

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