VOIP telephone systems and IP-PBX for small businesses

In addition to reducing the costs of business calls use of VOIP - voice over IP - for business telephone calls provides a great deal of flexibility. It's also useful to have an alternative to a copper-based phone system. VOIP can form part of disaster planning strategy.

There are two aspects to VOIP:

  1. Using broadband internet to carry calls instead of traditional copper or fibre provided by BT and similar providers.
  2. Internally using the internal ethernet network to carry calls to the desk using IP rather than installing specialist telephone cabling running proprietary protocols.
Desk-top call management & log screen

Call management & logging system


We can supply, install and support either or both of these parts of your telephone communications systems.

We can provide an IP-based PBX on-site with PC-based phone call placement, contact manager and call logging. Read more about our RA Callmanager.

If you'd like to discuss your telephone requirements please call or email sandra@realcom.co.uk


VOIP phone systems

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